Hospital Care

Hospital Care

From the pharmacy to the bedside, we help maximize safety, streamline processes and build cost efficiency throughout the hospital.

We understand the challenges of modern healthcare and your focus on delivering the highest standards of care to a growing patient population, while ensuring every hospital function is safe, efficient, and as cost-effective as possible.

As a leader in medication preparation and delivery, we are committed to delivering patient-centric innovations that are designed to support access to the right product at the right time, while reducing preventable medication errors. In the moments that count, our IV Fluids, IV medications, elastomeric pumps and anesthesia drugs are found in hospitals and clinics around the world.

Advancing Global Hospital Care


We work with a wide range of hospitals and clinics, as well as disaster relief organizations to help ensure that vital medications are available when and where they’re needed.


Our premixed drugs and solutions are prepared with precision accuracy, and our pharmacy technology supports safe custom preparation; helping to ensure consistent and predictable treatment.


Our intelligent infusion systems and premixed solutions are designed for simple and intuitive use, helping to reduce the risk for preventable medication errors and infections.

One-Link Needle-Free IV Connector

One-Link Needle-Free IV Connector

The One-Link connector’s neutral fluid displacement is designed to help reduce the risk of thrombotic catheter occlusions compared to devices with higher reflux volumes.The clear housing can enhance clinical practice.

The Starling Fluid Management System with a Basket Under It

Starling Fluid Management Monitoring System

The Starling Fluid Management Monitoring System enables clinicians to respond with confidence to continually changing patient fluid status in critical care situations and dose IV fluids according to patient fluid responsiveness. Using patented Bioreactance technology, the Starling system offers an accurate, reliable and 100% non-invasive method to measure blood flow directly at the patient’s core and deliver real-time results and meaningful insights to guide clinical decision-making about treatment. Supported by the Starling system, clinicians can move away from a one-size-fits-all approach to fluid management toward truly individualized patient care.

Featured Products

Thumbnail image of PlasmaLyte A Infusion bag

PlasmaLyte A: Balanced Salt Solution

PlasmaLyte A Infusion is a solution of the following substances in water: sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride hexahydrate, sodium acetate trihydrate and sodium gluconate.

The information contained in this page is intended for Indian registered healthcare professionals only.

Intended Use and Important Risk Information

Spectrum IQ infusion system is Rx Only.

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