Baxter Ahmedabad Celebrates 3 Years of Serving Our Mission to Save And Sustain Lives

Over the past three years, Baxter Ahmedabad has progressively embraced ‘Baxter’s way of life’; has integrated with Baxter’s systems, processes and policies; has been through a transformative journey to evolve and nurture a culture of safety, integrity and quality.  

Since its acquisition in July 2017, Baxter Ahmedabad has been broadening Baxter’s presence in the generic pharmaceuticals space and is boosting the supply of essential medicines to millions of patients across the globe. The company’s niche life-saving medicines including flagship products like Propofol, Furosemide and Metoprolol amongst others are used as first line treatment in life threatening and critical situations in hospitals, ICCU, dispensaries and nursing homes in India as well as international markets. Besides, it’s Research and Development facility has further enabled Baxter with path-breaking research and developments in Pharmaceutical Injectables space. 

As the site celebrated its anniversary virtually, the Plant Manager, Rishikesh Jaiwant, exuded confidence to surge ahead with much gusto and pride. He enthused that “this is just the beginning of an enduring journey that aims to positively touch millions of lives with supreme quality healthcare products.”